Journal 2010 – 13

This is my Journal for work before 2014. Here I show some of the work I did when I started painting. 

AMP 27

AMP 17

1406D Oil on Linen Board 8x10

1408A Oil on Linen 16x20

Mother Earth

AMP 29 AMP 32

AMP 28 AMP 18

1402D Oil on Wood 8x10

Garden Hat

Tools 3




AMP 36 AMP 5 AMP 49

AMP 34 Garden Still Life  24x36 Oil on Canvas

AMP 52 AMP 30 AMP 20

1402J Oil on Linin Board 8x10 1402M Oil on Linin Board 8x10 1402O Oil on Linin Board 8x10 1402P Oil on Linin Board 8x10

Three Banannas

1402I Oil on Linen 20x24

End of the Day

Old Friends

After the Dance

AMP 52

AMP 28 AMP 18

1402Q Oil on Linin Board 10x10

AMP 54 AMP 33 Waiting for His Return AMP 59 Madonna and Child

BreadTools 4